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At Eric Ilasenko Photo/Digital, our Primary Goal is to make your dance "picture day" a fun, stress-free, and rewarding time for everyone involved including the dancers, parents, teachers, studio staff, and the studio owner - all while producing excellent photographs people will treasure for lifetime...

We offer many choices when it comes to doing your dance studio portraits, including both pre-pay and proof programs, as well as optional group portraits. Just contact us and we can explore which options are the perfect choices for your particular dance photography needs. Our goal is a win-win situation for everyone involved. Your studio parents get great portraits, you can earn some extra money for your studio, and our specialized experience and unique programs help assure picture day is FUN for everyone!

Coming from a family of dance pros who ran a full time dance business, and having over 25 years of professional experience photographing dancers and children, Photographer Eric Ilasenko wants to put his unique knowledge and skills to work helping you plan a great picture day for your studio that will have parents actually looking forward to next years picture day and asking the studio staff to be sure they're getting THAT same photographer back again!

Using just a little pre-planning and preparation ahead of time, your photo day can run smoother than ever as Eric applies special techniques and systems adapted from the years he spent photographing hundreds of school children daily to your dance photo day. His extensive experience with dancers (and parents!) of all ages coupled with his artistic eye and humorous, laid back style helps assure that each portrait day runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. We strive to be sure that everyone enjoys the experience of being photographed, feels positive about themselves afterwards, and that they all end up with great looking portraits when all is said and done...

Our high tech portrait studio is completely portable and can be set up in under two hours in almost any clear room with an open space of about 22'x16', fitting perfectly in the average dance studio room or even in a side room during a dress rehearsal at the recital hall. Parents no longer have to endure getting their dancer dolled up and kept clean while trekking down to a photo studio way across town only to be hit with long lines, outrageous sitting fees and print prices for photographs. No lousy dime store head and shoulders only snapshots on cheap photo paper that fades in a matter of months like you get at some discount stores. Instead, we take top notch, full length dancer portraits that showcase the dancer and the costume and we use only the best in processing and printing for best quality - and we do it all on location where it is convenient to the dancer and parent!

Our main and most popular product is our high quality individual portraits of dancers, done conveniently right at your specific location with our high tech studio equipment making our portraits look the same as if you had come to a photo studio for a private portrait sitting to have them done. We use only the highest grades of professional digital cameras, lenses, lighting, and professional photo paper to assure long lasting images with a high dollar look, and offer a range of different portrait packages that not only look great but feature fair and affordable prices to help ever budget conscious families know they are getting a high quality product and good value for their dollars spent.

Dancers parents really do appreciate the ability to get great photographs made of their little stars while they are already made up with perfect hair, dressed in full costume, and are already at the dance studio or rehearsal venue anyways. Parents already feel like they are running a marathon every day with all the craziness that happens leading up to a recital and by offering them the chance to have special photographic memories they will treasure for a lifetime done when and where it is convenient for them, they will really be grateful to the dance studio owner who is thinking of them and helping make their lives a little easier during a crazy time with one less thing to worry about and one less place to have to run around to under a deadline before recital day arrives.

Optionally, we can also offer group photos of each number performing, capturing a collective memory of the experience shared by all the dancers in that routine together. Most Group Photos are 5 x 7 sized and presented in a folder mount for easy display. Offering group photos will increase the sales average for your studios picture day(s), but depending on the number of students enrolled and the studio owners own preferences and time constraints, doing groups is an issue that should be well explored ahead of time as it does take extra time and effort to add this service into to an often already jam packed pre-recital schedule and many times it simply takes too much valuable time for some already well overloaded studio owners, so they prefer to just stick with individual portraits.

In 2004 we transitioned to a fully digital photography operation and will now offer many other new exciting services and programs with the new capabilities digital allows us.

Unlike many of the large "corporate" photo operations out there, when you deal with Eric Ilasenko Photo/Digital, you are dealing directly with the owner and sole photographer himself and the other owner of the company, his wife Martha. You never have to worry that some mega-studio is sending you some creepy young kid with no experience or common sense to photograph (or scare!) your customers. Eric takes all the pictures himself and Martha usually helps oversee the administrative operations during a shoot. Together, they work to make sure your customers have a great experience while being photographed and they project a very positive and professional image you will be pleased to have your customers interact with.

By doing all the photography personally, the number of studios and events that can be photographed each season is greatly limited and we are often booked well in advance from long time repeat customers (some of whom have been using us for over a decade) who are given seniority on our first booked, first photographed policy. We could hire other shooters and expand our business much further, but prefer to keep it personal and intimate by staying limiting our growth. We know first hand how many "big boys" operate too often in studio photography and just can't stand it with their teams of slick talking salesmen who promise the moon and then hide when there is a problem or their poor minimum wage level "photographers" who are often barely able to push a button much less technically create a good portrait. Our sincere desire is for honest, reliable, friendly service always and to find a few more special schools where we can deal with like minded folks who appreciate true customer service and where we can develop long term business relationships and friendships.

Studio owners have a great chance to make extra profits directly for their studio by hosting a picture day for fundraising, and studio proceeds from a successful photo day are often enough to cover a good chunk of hall rental or other outlays from a studios finances that happen around recital time. Depending on a number of factors, we offer commissions that are paid directly to the studio based on number of sittings and income generated. Some studio owners do not care about getting a commission and see picture day only as a service to parents, in which case we can often offer adjusted prices to their students as picture prices are affected according to commission structure desired by the studio.

Since moving to the Daytona area, Eric is still looking for the perfect new location to open another full time studio, and hopes to do so in the coming year. However, until the new studio is completed, his photography services are available on location for a wide variety of assignments and clients in the Central Florida area including Dance Studios, Schools, Sports, and Events.

If you are a dance studio owner looking for a highly qualified, experienced professional photographer that truly understands the unique needs of the dance field and can reliably produce images your dance students and parents will consistently love, please give Eric or Martha at Eric Ilasenko Photo/Digital a call today at (386) 437-5937...

PO Box 730424, Dept. D
Ormond Beach, FL 32173
(386) 437-5937

Some of what we photograph includes... Dance Studios - Twirling - Gymnastics - Cheerleading - Action Shots - Ballet - Tap - Jazz - Hip Hop - Lyrical - Acro - Theater - Pageant - Youth Sports - Dances - Proms - Special Events

Some of our past clients include:

Song & Dance, Inc. - Wesley Chapel, FL (over 16 years with us)

Ormond School Of Ballet - Ormond Beach, FL

Goldettes Twirling Academy - Holly Hill, FL

Atlantic Vibe Performing Arts Academy - Palm Coast, FL

So, How About Yours? We Have A Few Select Dates Still Open....

2010 UPDATE:

A few select  2010 shoot dates are still open - and we are already booking dates now for 2011, so please contact us right away to discuss your dance school or studio photography needs!

To discuss your specific photographic needs and how Eric Ilasenko Photography can help you fill them, please contact Eric or his wife Martha anytime at (386) 437-5937.

For more information now on how we can help your dance studio or other performing arts endeavor plan a rewarding, stress free picture day, that will bring a smile to your students and parents faces, please click on one of the links below for further details...



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